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HYT Media & Culture

Speak For The People(Wechat Official Accounts)

Live Interview

Beimei Jiang

As your best information provider, we will offer latest news, lifestyles and fun in north America. If you want to learn what happens today or where you want to go, follow us !

Folded Newspapers

Beimei Zixun Jiang

The hottest news in north America has been providing before 3pm every day.There will also be an analysis of the editors combined with the previous news to give you some predictions about what may happen in the future.

Media Interview

Beimei Shenghuo Jiang

All kinds of travelling, fashion,discounts,housing and etc. will be selected to help you live better. What's more, we are also a friend for you to talk to. We wanna hear your voice at any time !

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